Enforcement Board

Tenn. Code Ann. § 65-31-114 was passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2015, creating the Underground Utility Damage Enforcement Board.


The Enforcement Board is comprised of sixteen (16) members from various stakeholder groups who are committed to promoting the safety of underground utility facilities by preventing harm to people, property, and infrastructure. Three (3) members of the Enforcement Board will serve on the Executive Committee, which is responsible for levying penalties and taking action on complaints of alleged violation.


Kevin Tubberville was elected as Chair of the Underground Utility Damage Enforcement Board in July 2016 and Mr. Tubberville will serve a two (2) year term. Wayne Hastings will serve as Vice Chair.

Underground Utility Damage Enforcement Board

* = Denotes Executive Committee Members

Wayne Hastings Bill Hollin
Eddie Hood Craig Jensen
Kenneth King Kevin Kruchinski
Bob Lambert * Scott Niehaus
Bob Pitts Kevin Raley
Steve Raper * Tom Suggs
Kevin Tubberville * Rick Tunnell
Bill Turner