About Us

Mission Statement:

To provide the best communication, education and notification service to prevent damage to underground utilities.


Our Purpose:

Tennessee One-Call System, Inc., is a non-profit Tennessee corporation established in 1983, whose mission is to act as an advance notification service to operators of underground facilities anywhere within the state. Tennessee One-Call is governed by a Board of Directors and an Operating Committee. We are the only such service in Tennessee and are recognized as the "official" one-call service for the state of Tennessee.


 Tennessee 811

 1850 Elm Hill Pike
 Nashville, TN 37210


 Business Office: (615) 367-1110
 Business Fax: (615) 366-5021
 Call Center for Locate Requests:

      811 or | (800) 351-1111 or | (615) 366-1987

Business hours
 Monday-Friday: 7:00 to 5:00 (central time zone)
 Saturdays: Closed
 Sundays: Closed 
Call Center hours
 Open 24 / 7 , 365 days a year

Tennessee 811

1850 Elm Hill Pike

Nashville, TN  37210